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What would you do if you ruled the schools?

There is a new trend in public education.  The profession of pubic education has been degraded.  Anybody from any profession can be at the helm of an educational system.  Mayor Bloomberg in New York, recently named Cathie Black,an extraordinary magazine publisher, to be chancellor of New York’s public schools.  The appointment has been protested. As... Read more »

Vote For Mayor

The race is on and I want to know what you think. Who would you vote for if the election were held tomorrow.  Vote for your candidate of choice.  Take the poll.  The Peoples choice will be given next Monday.

Bishop Arthur Brazier's Funeral

Bishop Arthur Brazier will rest in peace at Oak Wood Cemetry.
Last week Bishop Arthur Brazier of Apostolic Church was funeralized.  The funeral was streamed and had over one million hits.  This remarkable man had two official services.  One was Thursday,  October 29,  for the church, family and friends.   Friday was the final service for clergy and public officials.   His son, Dr. Byron Brazier,... Read more »