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Toni Morrison Interview

Toni Morrison received the Carl Sandburg Award, last evening, from The Chicago Public Library.It was a magnificent evening at The University of Illinois Forum.  Oprah Winfrey interviewed Ms. Morrison on stage after she was awarded. Ms. Morrison is so rich.  Her presence and her words make you stop and listen.  She talked about writing and... Read more »

Mayor Meeks

Rev. James Meeks can be the Mayor of the City of Chicago.  He will do well in the city.  Some critique that his ministry will get in the way of his mayoral duties.  Is City Hall open on Sundays?  Did Mayor Daley work on Sundays?  The answer is No.   If the worse  thing they... Read more »

Keep Garrard McClendon Live, Alive

Keep McClendon on air.I just got the news that