Chicago Flip's

Today, Mayor Richard M. Daley , turned Chicago on its ears, as he announced he will not run for reelection.  The city won't be the same.  He has been a good mayor and as a good champion he knows when the time has come to step aside.   The polls show Daley's popularity at an all time low, making him a vulnerable candidate.  However, the question is not who could run against Daley but who could win against Daley. The  answer is no one.  But today the answer changed.

The seat is open and available, now  that the Mayor has stepped  aside.  He is a practical politician.  He will not die at the desk.  Rahm Emanuel, who now works at the White House, floated his name months ago.  Perhaps.  But there are others.  It's open season and they all have equal opportunity.  No machine backing.  No party backing.  No Daley backing.  The people will speak.  
The names that are coming up are:  Congressman Jesse Jackson, Senator Emil Jones, Congressman Danny Davis, Alderman Leslie Harriston, Alderman Sandi Jackson, Ron Gidwitz, Jonathan Jackson, Rod Sawyer, Louis Guiterrez, Rev/Sen James Meeks,   Attorney Gary Chico, Cortez Peters and  Terry Peterson.
Names will surface from A to Z.   There are stark realities.  The city is broke, out sourced, crime is rampant in some neighborhoods and  where do we go from here with urban problems.
The city of clout, the political master, just got out of the game. The door is open.  Chicago has completed an era.  Chicago politics has changed.  Wow.  

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