Who Lost?

The case of Rod Blagojevich has been like a reality show.  The political drama keeps you on the edge of your seat. Guilty or not guilty?  Who won? Who Lost?   The jury got hung.  ONe juror could not be swayed and consequently the government was really the big looser.  Rod was half guilty on one account that can result in jail, for five years. I doubt if he will serve.  The government made their move too too soon.  The ex popular governor talked with a profane mouth but actually did not take a dime before he was arrested.  They cam to his house and treated him as a common criminal.  Fitzgerald seems to hold something personal against the ex governor.

The government lost its case. The next step is to retry to case.  The People of Illinois loose. The governor is broke and a new trial is slated to cost between $25 million to $30 million.  The bill will go to the tax payers.  WE should balk.  The case has been tried.  How many times do you have to try the case.  Enough already.  WE can do a lot more with the money than spend it on a trial.

If the case is tried again, the political drama is inevitable. The next time, certainly the political elite  will be called to testify.   The case will reach high into the Democratic party.  President Obama chances to be called as he lobbied for his aid Valerie Jarrett with a union leader.  Valerie Jarrett will be called to the stand.  Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. will be called to testify.  Emanuel will be called. Will they really pull Reziko out of jail to testify. This drama would be better than anything on TV.  And the case would be tried in the height of political season.  The Republicans    would have a field day, ready or not. 

And if the jury is hung again, which it might be, then what?   

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