Where Is Black America?

In 2010, where is Black America?  Are we better off?  It's the best of times and the worse of times, a double tale of one people. American politics has fooled Black America. 

Historically Black America has been in a constant state of proof of worthiness of American citizenry fromt he days of slavery, that peculiar institiution.  There have always been societal questions of acceptance on the Black American existence.  Are we considered humans?  How much Black blooks constitute the racial make up?  Should the races be allowed to mix?  Shoud we e allowed to read?  Should we be allowed to vote?  Should we be allowed to marry? 

Racism has changed throughout the years, but we are far away from what Nelson Mandela calls "race neutral."  After the Black presidency, will Black America be better off because Presient Obama was in the White House.  will theeducaton gap lessen?  Will Black males have lessened in the jail cells?  Will Black busineses increased in number and profits?  Will more Black be on corporte boards?  I think the answer to all of these questins is a resounding no. 

The quality of Black life, at large, does not appear to be improving. black outh are more violent than ever as they shoot up the streets from uniformed policement to classmates, to staand by infants. The kids have dummed down.  Black education is divided being private and public. Black businesses are suffering.  Many Black politicans have gone silent and appear afraid to use their power for fear of shut down or trump up charges on something silly.


Racism in America changes like fahsin, but it exists.  You hear in it the popular statements, like, "Let's take our country back?  Bak frm where?  This is still the basic far of the black man, even when dressed in a suit. 

What improvements will be made to the system because of a Black president by white men.  It appears nothing.  There is no increase or gain for Black America other than image an daperceptin. The presidency has disasociated from the civil rights people make them seem like historical throw backs with a total disregard for their hard work, good deeds and efforts.

In private quarters, we raise the question, are we better off  -  better off with integregation or segregation, better off with the politician, better off with the Black president or not.  What do you think?  Has  Black America improved with a Black president?  Where is Black America in 2010?



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  • "Black America" is a community, isn't it? It always has been a community...at least, it was down South where I was raised. One man, even in the most powerful position in America, cannot be a "community" in the same way that one media mogul Black woman cannot be "Black America", the community. The main lesson that "Black America" should take from the Obama presidency and the media "reign" of Oprah is that there is more opportunity to be a success in America, and fruits of that success is able to be inherited by the coming generations ("the community").

    Since integration, the power base has splintered and sheared off like icebergs from a glacier. Many in the Black middle class have become "elitist". I've seen one sista just deride a decision to move a minor league baseball park from a "decent" neighborhood to a part of downtown which is "crawling with bums and deceitful folks". Does she do any volunteer work to improve that area of town? Of course not. My point is the idea of "Black America" will never truly be a reality if members of the community each pursue their own interests AND snub their noses at those who they don't feel is worthy of community support.

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