Shirley Sherrod - A Racist Moment

The case of Shirley Sherrod, a former official with the U.S. Agriculture Department is a Rosa Parks moment.  It is an example that American racism  is alive and well.  It is an example of the way Whites and Black views racism. This the best of times and the worse of times.  WE now live in a media world where everybody is an instant journalists.  There is no professionalism anymore.  Media manipulation  is the norm of the day. 

The Obama administration is afraid of racism and the conversation. They should not be. The first Black President, like Jackie Robinson, has pressure on him that no other has had.  He is a career pioneer surrounded by white men who don't  have Black sensibilities.  Thus, when problems arise, the response is poor to wrong.
They could have used Rosa Parks as case in point.  Would you offer Parks a job at the bus company?  Ms. Sherrod is contemplating suing the person who placed the UTube message.  Great idea.  She will establish a precedent for responsible Utubing.  She may also sue those who fired her.  
She was wrongfully treated, even by the President's standards.  Another American lesson learned.  


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  • Of course, racism had nothing to do with it rhe Breitbart apologists have been yowling. Ann Coulter, that pinup of the right wing, said that Breitbart was actually making a deep philosophical point about black and white racism. As an undercurrent to all of this is what the right-wingers really think it's all about--that Obama is just the wrong color to be President.

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