No Orange Suit for Blago

Former Governor Rod Blago's trial is a waste of taxpayer's money.  I may be wrong, but I don't think he will serve one day in jail.  His court testimony will be interesting and probably read like a who's who in Illinois Powerhouse politics from the White House down.

So far we know that the former Governor had a profane mouth.  He liked expensive clothes. He was in the public eye and he worn the best suits with matching ties.  Is this a crime?  No it's a style.

So far, we know he like many others was disappointed with the Obama administration.  In his own words, he had a "golden goose" the Senate Seat and he wanted to barter.  So we have on tape the Governor horse trading  Maybe an appointment for himself as ambassador to INdia or South Africa, or a Cabinet Post or to head a non for profit organization with big bucks.  He wanted to elevate himself to the next level.  He was seeking a promotion.  He was tired of being the Governor of the broke state.  But was it a crime.  No
He spoke badly about local politicians.  He didn't speak fondly about them.  He could determine upward careers steps with his power of appointment, but did he commit a crime?  Or did he do what politicians do?
He spoke freely and profanely.  He respected his base and appointed an African American to the post.  At the end of the day, he made the right decision, with the Roland  Burris appointment.  He didn't take money but he talked about it a lot.
At best, so far, the trial has proven an curing Governor, but no crime.  I predict an orange suit is not in Rod's future.  He did what a lot of people do, he talked a lot.  He sounded like a typical politician.  
Wait until he takes the stand.  Do you think he will go to jail?  

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