Is Oprah Appreciated in Chicago?

In a  recent TV interview with Stedman Graham, he commented on Fox News that Oprah was not appreciated in Chicago. That may be for some, but it does not speak for all.  Oprah is an icon and she will always be associated with Chicago. Her greatness was built here.  She made Chicago world class by bringing the stars, celebs and personalities here for the taping of her show.  People from all over come here to visit the Oprah Winfrey show and to get a premium item with the big O on it.

Graham must have had a reason for  his statement for sure.  However,  Oprah should not leave this city, with that thought.  What is your greatest appreciation of Oprah?  What is your favorite show?   What did she bring to you?  What did she bring to your life? 

If you have a favorite O story, why not write her and tell her so.  Meanwhile, I think before she leaves Chicago, after 25 great years, we ought to throw a party, like we've never had before and celebrate her presence.

What do you think? Does Chicago appreciate Oppah?


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