Kelley Lies on Oprah

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Kitty Kelley the infamous biographer writes defining books about the rich and the famous. She is a studied writer, a thorough researcher,  and hands on interviewer.  However, in  her newest book, on Oprah Winfrey she oversteps. She suggests, that Oprah's father, Vernon is not her real biological dad.  It is quite a statement to claim fatherhood for a woman, even for the rich and famous.  It is the ultimate insult to Vernita Lee, Oprah's mother.  Kelley claims 850 interviews and went to the little southern town, Kosciusko, Mississippi,  where Oprah was born and talked to Aunt Katharine who revealed family secrets.  It must be pretty hurtful to have relatives who will sell you out and even lie to make a buck to  see their names in writing.

I can just vision Ms. Kelley, the little white lady, searching way back then for information.  Well, N'DIGO wants to set the record straight.  In an [exclusive interview ]( Mother's Day , we spoke with Oprah's mom &nb; She is furious with Kelley's revelation.  She is upset with the National Enquirer story, that says when she heard Kelly's revelation, she was sick and  hospitalized.  Not true.

Mrs. Lee tells us that not only is Mr. Norh Robnson, a 84 year old vet NOT Oprah's dad, but the she doesn't even know him. She thinks this is about trying to get money from her daughter. 

There ought to be rule, laws to govern what you say and write, even about the rich and famous.  It's not fair to pass  parenthood falsely.  It's cruel to lie and it is the ultimate insult to a woman.  All of that to sell books.  Wrong, wrong. and wrong. 

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