Is Chicago Ready for the National Gurad?


The murder of the young officer,Thomas Wortham IV, is shameful and painful.  He toured war in IRAQ not once but twice and came home to be murdered in front of his parents Chatham home. 
This is a heart wrenching story.  If  Wortham was not safe showing his new motorcycle to his parents, no one is safe.  If a off duty policeman can be murdered in Chatham, there is not a neighborhood in Chicago safe. 
HIs murder, begs the question, what do we do?  Are we ready for the National Guard?  I think so.  Youth violence is out of control.  The streets are not safe. We are in a state of emergency.  It needs to be declared.  The nonsense murders and robbery by cheap thugs who are community terrorist  need to be taken on.  If we can go and protect Iraq with armed forces, why not provide the same protection to citizens of Chicago?  We are out of control. 


Perhaps, this is the wake up call.  Perhaps this is the last one.  How do we become safe?   Do we start with the replacement of the police chief?  Do we call for a special watch, a special detail.  Children should  be able to play in the playground.  It is just a natural part of urban life for the youth to play basketball in the park district neighborhood park. The thugs should not be
allowed to provoke the fear and random murders on a dare.    

People are fearful, scared and threatened.   WE are living in a danger and the enemy is within. Cirime is an issue and the staticts might report the crime is down, but reality says its up. 

Is it time to call for the National Guard?  

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