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Is Chicago Ready for the National Gurad?

The murder of the young officer,Thomas Wortham IV, is shameful and painful.  He toured war in IRAQ not once but twice and came home to be murdered in front of his parents Chatham home.  This is a heart wrenching story.  If  Wortham was not safe showing his new motorcycle to his parents, no one is... Read more »

Bring It Walmart

Walmart brings a healthy solution to urban problems. Their stores are magnets and offer a solution to urban plight with  job creation, economic development, local tax incentives and most of all an end to food deserts.   So, why the resistance? Walmart has been vying to open stores in Chicago for more than five years.... Read more »

Lady Lena

Lena Horne died yesterday at the age of 92.  She was an incredible woman .  Her beauty was legendary. She often appeared on the most beautiful list.  She was beautiful at every age of her life, never looking her years.  She was a well rounded entertainer  –  a jazz singer, actress and Broadway performer.  She... Read more »

Kelley Lies on Oprah

Kitty Kelley the infamous biographer writes defining books about the rich and the famous. She is a studied writer, a thorough researcher,  and hands on interviewer.  However, in  her newest book, on Oprah Winfrey she oversteps. She suggests, that Oprah’s father, Vernon is not her real biological dad.  It is quite a statement to claim... Read more »