Finishing The Dream Films at DuSable Museum Today

Today at the DuSable Museum at 7 p.m. history will be remembered. In this very special time of history, labeled from post racial to The Barack era, it is important to know and remember how we arrived.  Modern day history for Black America will be book marked by Dr. King and President Obama.  Their names evoke emotion and signal historical eras.   There is a lot in between.  Much followed after King  death and much followed before Obama. There was Rev. Jesse Jackson, The Panthers,. There was integration, There was marching for voter rights.  It is important to note this history and to record it.  It is important for all of us   -  America, Black America, modern America and Hip Hop America to remember and to  know. 

Through modern technology, TV footage and old fashioned conversation, NBC will present a very special TV hour special  -  Finishing The Dream.  The civil rights movement and other historical moments will be discussed in a town hall meeting with news footage of the civil rights events on topical issues and then a panel discussion follows by those who witnessed and lived through those moments.  It will be a living room to kitcen table discussoin brought alive with news anchors Lester Holt and Marion Brooks. 

Promise is lively, informative, insightful discussion as memories and recollections are recalled. Rev. Jackson is a central historical figures as he has bridged these generations from start to finish as he recaps history in the making as he made it,  experienced and led it. Dr. Carol Adams, Dr. Conrad Worrill, Father MIchael Pfleger, Dr. Leon Finney, Jr.,  Dorothy Tillman  and I will be among the panelists.

Finishing the Dream will bring a new history to light for some, a forgotten one for some, revelations for some and a memory for others.  This is a must see program as it captures the reality of the Civil Rights movement that brought social and polical change to the American scene.  It will broadcast nationally, at a later date. 

Join this special taping and be an eyewitness if you can. 

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