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Finishing The Dream Films at DuSable Museum Today

Today at the DuSable Museum at 7 p.m. history will be remembered. In this very special time of history, labeled from post racial to The Barack era, it is important to know and remember how we arrived.  Modern day history for Black America will be book marked by Dr. King and President Obama.  Their names... Read more »

Should We Bring in the National Guard for Chicago's Youth Violence?

Why are our children so violent?  Is it the movies they watch?  Is it the games they play?  Is it the constant diet of television violence?  Is it a lack of jobs?  Is it a lack of male leadership in the home?  Is it boredom?  Is it just teen pranks gone bad?  What is it?... Read more »

Mary Mitchell Strikes Again: Madhouse Part II

One way to sell newspapers is to get two columnists fighting.  I don’t pick fights, but neither do I run.  Last week I responded to Chicago Sun Times columnist Mary Mitchell’s previous columns regarding her position that Haki Madhubuti  was “forced” out of Chicago State University. Mitchell made it a point in a heated phone... Read more »

Madhubuti/Watson Controversey at Chicago State University

There is controversy about Professor Haki Madhubuti’s public resignation from Chicago State Unviversity.  Two of   Mary Mitchell’s  recent columns at the Chicago Sun Times suggest that he has been ill treated.  Dr. Wayne Watson the  President since October 09,  has requested Madhubti to teach a full load and Watson is being slamed for doing... Read more »