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Quinn's Political Insult

Governor Patrick Quinn just may have lost the governor’s race with his selected pick of Sheila Simon as his running mate for Lt. Governor. She is at best a novice politician from a well known downstate political family.  This is not enough to be the Lt. Governor. Politics has changed. The election has been ignored.... Read more »

The Black Agenda Conversation

Tavis Smiley held a town hall style meeting at Chicago State University on America’s Black Agenda Does Black America need a Black Agenda?  This was the conversation on Saturday, March 20 at Chicago State University. Tavis Smiley convened scholars, activists, authors, and civil rights activists to engage the discussion. About 5,000 people showed up to... Read more »

Go Urban Prep

Tim King, the headmaster of Urban Prep has figured out public education and he should go to the top of the class. The  urban high school is located in one of Chicgo’s poorest communities.  Englewood He has put a strict discipline in the school.  The young men, the young Black men, have to wear shirt,... Read more »

Holywood's Black Obesity

Something interesting happened at the Oscars this  year.  Black obesity became acceptable and even glamorous. Radio personality, Howard Stern, was not so kind in his remarks about one of Hollywood’s newest stars.  He said, actress Gabourey Sidibe was obese and broke the red carpet mole.  He was right but maybe not sensitive. She is a... Read more »