Holywood's Black Obesity

Something interesting happened at the Oscars this  year.  Black obesity became acceptable and even glamorous.

Radio personality, Howard Stern, was not so kind in his remarks about one of Hollywood's newest stars.  He said, actress Gabourey Sidibe was obese and broke the red carpet mole.  He was right but maybe not sensitive.

She is a large young woman and reflects an ever growing problem with some young Black women.  Obesity.  Oversize and overweight.  The good news is she tried out for a role and she hit a home run.  She has had an incredible experience  that put her on the red carpet runway.  Her personality is bubbling, happy and refreshing and she she will get new roles. They will create them for her if she rings the cash register.

The other character that was elevated in Hollywood in 2010 was the role of the obese football player raised by a normal southern white family. He too was a big guy who used his weight positively.  The movie was Blindside.

Black Hollywood is changing. And the images need to change too.  We should   see the  normal Black person who is handsome and pretty and does normal things.  The prostitute , the angry mother and the crooked copy  have been the images that have all won the little golden Oscar.  Hopefully there will be another image to  capture Black reality with a sense of normality and move away from the big and fat. 

Meanwhile I am hoping the handlers and managers will take Gaborey Sidibe to the gym so that she can shed the pounds, appear in  more movies and lead a healthy life too.  And next year when she strolls the red carpet, she is  lighter. 


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