Go Urban Prep


Tim King, the headmaster of Urban Prep has figured out public education and he should go to the top of the class. The  urban high school is located in one of Chicgo's poorest communities.  Englewood

He has put a strict discipline in the school.  The young men, the young Black men, have to wear shirt, tie, blazers  to school. School hours are extended. They read, write and compute.  There are no excuses or exceptions.  Problems have solutions. 

The schools is the only  one of its kind in the nation, dedicated to young urban Black males.

The first graduating class recently graduated with all of the young gents enrolled in colleges and universities throughout the United States.  They trade in their red uniform tie for a red stripped tie, that signals graduation success.

Urban Prep needs to be studied, examined and used as a shinning example for all to see what can happen in urban eduction with the proper skill sets, dedication, motivation.

Tim King,  the educator made it work and has received national attention.  I hope we recognize this special young man.  Bravo  to all of the graduates. You are deserving of a Chicago applause. 

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