Tiger, what happens in sex rehab?


Tiger gives mom a hug at his press conference on Feb 19.

Have you had enough  of Tiger Woods yet?   He held the press conference. He admitted his guilt.  He kissed his mom.  He said he lost his way in his fame and fortune.  Okay, enough.  It's time for Tiger Woods, the great athlete to return to the green.  

Tiger did not take questions from his press conference, but I have one.  What happens in sex rehab?  Do you learn to curve your sexual appetitie, or do you learn how not to cheat on your wife, or do you learn how to avoid  the cocktail waitress?  What happens in sex rehab? 

Time for Tiger to go back to work.  The industry is betting on him, about $12 billion worth.  The press statement ranks in the believable quality category.  Let it go. 

Get back to the golf course Tiger.  If you win the game, all will be forgotten or forgiven.  Tiger has enough money to solve all of his problems, with or without divorce.  At the end of the day, he owes one person accountability about his sex life, and that's his wife.   And she didn't attend the press conference.   


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  • Yep, I am tired of it. I especially like this statement in your post, "At the end of the day, he owes one person accountability about his sex life, and that's his wife," however, I do believe athletes who are in a position that is given to them by society should have some obligation to set more solid character examples then what we see here. Even more importantly with choices like A-Rod, Mark McGwire, and Michael Vick have made - just to name a few.

    Here is my take on the whole Tiger Woods fiasco: "The Tiger Woods Apology: Please, Enough is Enough!!!"

    You know what, It is "Time For A Change": http://tinyurl.com/ycfcyxc

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