Eleven Campaign Reform Rules

43791050-10064944-140105.jpgNow that the historical low turn out election is over, it's time to consider Campaign Reform.

This campaign lacked excitement and the candidates are all over the place, which is turn off to the public.  Apathy won the election. We are being ruled by the voting minority. One fourth to one third of the population is ruling, simply because they vote.  So in an effort to make campaigning and voting more effective, here are 10 guidelines to consider for campaign reform.

1.  All candidates should have a standard speech, clearly articulating the issues of the office they are running for.  A candidate should not be able to speak on anything at anytime.

51201749-21062254.jpg2. If a candidate is going to campaign in church, there should be religious equal  opportunity.  Candidates should campaign equally in Catholic churches, Baptist churches,Synagogues, Protestants and the like.  Currently church politics  is unbalanced.  
3.  If politicians campaign in churches, there should be a rule, when elected, the political one must  must return to the campaign church quarterly to give reports to the congregation.
52003757-02200939.jpg4.  Candidates should not be allowed to engage in graveyard politics.  Candidates must appeal to live voters exclusively with current info.
5. Candidates must clean up the streets with their sings were placed.  If the clean up is not done within three days after the election, the candidate should be fined for litter.  
52024542-03205616-187105.jpg6.  No candidate should be allowed to call citizens during dinner hour.  All campaign calls should be made while people are working.  Automated calls should be outlawed.  
7.  All candidates should be forced to debate.  If a candidate does not participate in the debate he should be dismissed from the campaign.
8.  If a candidate does something stupid, while campaigning, they should be eliminated.  
9.  The media should stick with issues only with candidates and present fair and balanced representation for all candidates.  
10. All candidates should have equal advertising.   
11. If for whatever reason the election does not produce 50% of the voters, the election should be cancelled.
44789502-30101607.jpg12. Elections should be held in the summer time only and on the weekends, to encourage 
voting participation.     

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  • About 6 of the recommendations indicate that you don't believe in the First Amendment. I'll let you try to pick which six. However, one tenet that should be clear is that there should be separation of church and state. As you implied, it doesn't appear like Democratic candidates are going to synagogues, Presbyterian churches, Islamic Centers, humanist congregations, and the like. Nor does it appear that preachers were successful in their strongarming and endorsements in the County Board President race. BTW, with regard to #8, shouldn't Stroger have been permanently disqualified three years ago?

  • In reply to jack:

    I definitely believe in the First Amendment, as well as common and good sense. We are living politics gone wild. In regards to #8, sorry to say, he did it to himself. And if we follow the reform rules, he would not have been a candidate. Agreed. Don't make me guess on the six reforms. Hope you realize it was tongue in cheek. Thanks for writing

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