10 Cool Iphone Apps


By now everybody is using the phone for everything including talking.  I am sharing with you 10 cool apps for the iphone.

1.  Dragon Dictation
With this application you talk and it transcribes your words. When finished you can email it to yourself and others.  Cool

2.  I Want.  This allows you to navigate resturants, movies, groceries and the like from your phone, where ever your are.  Cool for travel or for visiting a new neighborhood.  You are right at home because as you search.

3.  Loose It.  Perfect for counting calories.  Record your daily intake and it counts for you.

4.  Quick Tip.  You simply put it in the bill and it figures the tip.

5.   Kindle.   You can read your favorite newspaper or magazine.  Try N'DIGO.

6.  Bump. This is the coolest.  All you have to do is bump your firend's Iphone and instantly and with magical force get the contact info.

7.  Run Keeper.  This is brand new.    Using GPS technology it allows you to track your walking, running and tread milling.

8.  You can receive a daily message on management from the Harvard Business Review.

9. Drink Recipes  And if you want to play bartender, this app gives you the recipes for drinks and cocktails.

10.  Local News. This allows you to keep up, no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing.


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  • Nice post!

  • In reply to dwilliams:

    thanks. Check out Dragon Dictation. Perfect for you as you cover events. You talk your comments and it types it out.

  • Cool collection, i would add to them
    Solve - Handwriting Scientific Calculator

    you hand-write the equations you want to calculate!

  • In reply to MrApple:

    how cool. I will check it out.

  • It's Lose It, not Loose It. Typing in the latter in the app store doesn't get you to the app.

  • In reply to tomburg:

    How right you are. OPPS on my part. sorry.

  • In reply to tomburg:

    The best iphone app for 2010 so far for me is FastMall by MindSmack.com. Turn by turn guidance at the 900 shops, find the bathroom quick and be taken to it, get deals, remember where you park, check in at the mall and stores, full community of features. So much fun :) http://www.FastMall.com

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