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Are Unions Too Expensive?

What price do we pay for union labor?  Can the American worker afford itself?  As we now exist in the era of change, are unions obsolete, I politely ask?  As money is harder to come by and economic shifts take place, are unions still realistic?   What happens when General Motors takes a dive and... Read more »

Tiger, what happens in sex rehab?

Tiger gives mom a hug at his press conference on Feb 19. Have you had enough  of Tiger Woods yet?   He held the press conference. He admitted his guilt.  He kissed his mom.  He said he lost his way in his fame and fortune.  Okay, enough.  It’s time for Tiger Woods, the great athlete... Read more »

10 Cool Iphone Apps

By now everybody is using the phone for everything including talking.  I am sharing with you 10 cool apps for the iphone. 1.  Dragon Dictation.  With this application you talk and it transcribes your words. When finished you can email it to yourself and others.  Cool 2.  I Want.  This allows you to navigate resturants,... Read more »

An Interview with Harry Belafonte

  Harry Belafonte In a word,  I think,  Harry Belafonte is stellar.  Tall, dark, sexy,  handsome, but most of all defined and  an activist.  He is profound as he has entertained the world as an actor, singer and in  his real life  he has been  a social  activist, concerned with the issues of his day.... Read more »

Art Turner Should Run for Lt. Governor

The Lieutenant Governor’s race shouts racism.  On Thursday, February 11, John Kass of the Chicago Tribune wrote an article about Democrats showing their true colors.  Questioned is who will be appointed to the  Lieutenant Governor’s seat left vacant by the winner, Mr. Scott Cohen.  The seat should go to State Rep. Athur L. Turner.  He... Read more »


I am stuck these days on Campaign Reform.  I now turn my attention to Candidate Reform. There shoudl be stiffer rules for being a political candidate.  The only qualification for being a candidate is age, residency and birth place.  That’s it.  No experience or educational requirement is necessary to run for office.  These standards were... Read more »

Eleven Campaign Reform Rules

Now that the historical low turn out election is over, it’s time to consider Campaign Reform. This campaign lacked excitement and the candidates are all over the place, which is turn off to the public.  Apathy won the election. We are being ruled by the voting minority. One fourth to one third of the population... Read more »