What Should Happen to Stupid Politicians?

51916060-29064958.jpgPoliticians should receive  awards for being stupid and crazy.  Laws should be made for political stupidity.  When a politician does stupid he should automatically be upseated not impeached.  The  stupidity is the only reason for upseat. 

For example this month alone, I would have taken out a couple for their unlawful and unkind deeds. These deeds have been implemented  simply because the politician has power.  No rhyme, no reason.

The first upseat would go to State Rep. Monique Davis, the protector of the statue, "Defiance."She stole a statue or took a statue or secured a state, depending on your point of view,  from Chicago State University.  Her boyfriend, had the keys to the storage room.  And her state dollar allocated to the university gave her rights, she thought to take the art work that she allocated $25,000 for. She was wrong and now will return the statue to the school for safe keeping after it was determined that the statue was missing in sitting.    Bravo Madame.
The second award, glad you didn't make it to the White House,  goes to Mr. John  Edwards, who lied about the baby, his baby, that was conceived on the campaign trial.  He lied to the American public, as his wife bravely fought her illness.   The National Enquirer dug up the dirt and stayed on the case until the truth was revealed in a new book by Mr. Andrew Young.  Young was in the Edward's  campaign and was asked to tell a lie, which he didn't,  to claim  the baby as  his very own and save the candidate.  Edwards is up for the best lie award.  
And finally the  grave digger award goes to candidate, Governor Dan Hynes. He dug deep as he went into the morgue to find the late Mayor Harold Washington comments on 
the employment of Governor Pat Quinn.  Hynes could take a page from the history book.  His father, Tom,  was one of the non supporters of Washington and contested his campaign by starting a brand new party.  This was as racist as it gets. Quinn is too much of a gentleman to recall the history, but he should.   Hynes should receive the dirty trick award. 
What do you think?  Is this campaign as usual or should we have special rules for politicians when they perform badly?      

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  • Let me publicly accept my role in the Hynes campaign, along with over 300 former Washington organizers who publicly encouraged Hynes to use the Washington footage and we worked the streets for Hynes in our Blue and White Harold Washington buttons. And it was Bill "Dock" Walls who gave Hynes the footage after Dock could no longer use it in his campaign for Governor. WHO really owns Harold legacy and can give sanction to who can and cant say they represent the Washington legacy?

    In 1983 & 1987 I was a youth coordinator for Harold and organized thousands of young people for the Washington campaigns, so am I not just much a part of Harold's legacy as others who also made significant contributions? And you should know that the hunbdreds of Harold's people I recruited were originally Quinn supporters that he just blew off and I told them all that you have to show that you have options and cant just blow Black people off and then assume you will still have their blind loyalty.

    After 30 years of knowing Pat Quinn, I never thought it would as difficult to have access to him as he made it for me and over 300 local community groups that I originally recruited to support him. Many of these groups had family at Burr Oak and we worked hard making legislative recommendations to make into law and I took these groups to Pat Quinn and he refused to grant these groups a meeting to share their legislative recommendations so Dan Hynes responded, took in the groups recommendations and publicly supported our legislation and when it was about to come up for a vote, Quinn blocked it, and instead promoted his Advisory Task Force versus actual legislation. His blocking the legislation was done as his staff member told me because it was publicly supported by Hynes. Wow. Isn't that what Harold said, that Quinn did things that promoted his own self that real legislation?

    Trying to judge Hynes on what his father did didnt seem balanced when the majority of Black Wards that support this current Mayor Daley don't hold him accountable for his fathers "shoot to kill" order on Black people.

    Those former Washington organizers in the streets took Hynes from a 26% down to losing by 7,000 votes and one more week of working the atreets and history would have been different and all because Quinn blew off people in the streets in favor of the more established leadership names to meet with.

    I was absolutely amazed at how many grassroots people called to support the Hynes campaign with each robo call they got and after each Black leader commercial supporting Quinn. One thing I learned is that what our established Black leaders said people should think versus what I was getting from the street woke me up.

    There is certainly a major generational and class and constituency gap that exists that this campaign certainly showed me. But it was certainly interesting to watch so many of Harold Washington's former staff, administration, and street organizers who were committed to showing that no once could speak with such authority as to what "Harold's people" at the grassroots level wanted without ever talking to them in the street.

    I'll take my hits as they may come, but after 37 years in this movement, I do not have to beg a Pat Quinn to listen to his own supporters and then after he blows them off, not to show them how to turn their pain into a power of their own. I'll do a seperate commentary on the major Black religious leaders had to say about how Quinn forced them away from him to Hynes. This is worth some ongoing discussion or we can allow the divide to grow.

  • Mark, thanks for your response and your responsibility. Much of what you said is personal campaign stuff. It was ill thinking to use the Harold Washington footage. You cannot compare the Daley "shoot to kill" as wrong as it was, to date, it has not been used as a campaign TV commercial. The Hynes campaign brought this on themselves. You knew the danger of it, because the day after it ran, many of you were on the phone inquiring about the public perception of it. Seven thousand votes is a lot of votes. You took him down with dirty tricks and you know better. You get what you give. And you produced a lost. That commercial turned the campaign off. It was offensive. You have a problem with generational politics. You should run for something. You come off as an angry black man alway complaining. Stop it, come up with a solution. You gave poor advise and it backfired. In a close race, 7000 votes is a lot of votes and as you know every single vote counts. You need to focus on how to get your generation to vote. The voter turnout is absolutely too low. The minority is ruling in a democracy.

  • Assuming that there is a bit of satire here, like in the previous post to which I commented, and remember that I also mentioned that Todd Stroger disqualified himself by that standard at least three years ago (and think about Todd Stroger when you talk about Art Turner, and can't explain why Stroger was slated over Forrest Claypool, or why he gave a concession speech about bringing the Black Man down, when he was brought down by a Black Woman)....

    Let's consider that is such an award were given, it would quickly exhaust the supply of gold, silver, platinum, and every other commodity out of which the statute could be made. I dare you to find me a politician that hasn't done something stupid. Some just excel at it more than others. For instance, I remember one who sent and Indian emissary to a certain then governor. Need I pile on the examples?

  • In reply to jack:

    ...should have said "statue," also "an Indian." I've told the Tribune about a lack of a preview frame before.

  • In reply to jack:

    Spare me the detail. I am sure you are correct. Maybe we should give the awards for extreme stupidity. But in all fairness we all have done something stupid. You are right about the satire, it's all tongue and cheek. No one should take this seriously, or should they?

  • In reply to jack:

    Hey I take this seriously! We elected these people to be representative of us and when they do something stupid, the consequences end up back on the constituents. Plus if I knew someone who did the same thing as John Edwards I would not respect them as a person, let alone a high level politician. Their personal life may be separate from their work life, but when people do these things you can't help but wonder when their judgment in their personal life turns into their judgment in professional life, and how different those really are.

  • In reply to greekforgrace:

    I absolutely agree. That's why reform should insist upon some type of background check. Currently the media provides the investigation. It is serious, these people affect our lives and economics.

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