The Horrors of Haiti

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Haiti was the first independent nation in Latin America and the first post colonial independent black led nation in the world. 

On January 12, the country of Haiti had an earthquake and the country collapsed.  The country vanished and crumbled from an  earthquake.     Watching the TV reports we see the reporters asking stupid questions.  For example, for a person that has lost everything, the reporter, says so where will you sleep tonight.  We hear that construction type saws will be used to cut limbs and that rum and/ or vodka will sterilize the saw. but what medication will the person receive for the pain. 

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The nightly news shows us a holocaust realizing the bodies being dumped into the mass graves are real humans that died.  This is so painful to watch.  This is the most horrific tragedy in our life time.

The people or Haiti need basic survival tools like water, food and medicine is supreme.  Sanitation is becoming critical. News reported this evening that half of the survivors will be crippled.  It will be a long time for this nation to restore and to reclaim itself.  How many years will it take, probably a decade. 

America is not prepared for tragic incidents.   We stumble as we crumble.   The Haiti experience makes  New Orleans Katrina  look like a fairy tale.  Rev. Jesse Jackson arrived in Haiti tonight and tells me the country looks like a police state, as policemen are most corners.  Others reports that Cuba had  300 medical types  ready to depart and were stopped by the White House.   This is confusing.  Israel medical teams landed and in 24 hours were  ready with an operating room in full function. Bravo.     

Pray for Haiti and make sure if you are sending money that it goes to the people for basic needs and not to the American non for profits for administration.  Many funds will develop but the dollars should go direct to the people of this poor country. 
Pray for the people of Haiti and we await the authentic news story. 

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