Stop Picking On a Dead Man.

Michael Scott and Rufus Williams make news with their expense accounts. Both gentlemen served as President of the Chicago Public Schools.  This is an unpaid position.  That is zero pay.  The late Michael Scott worked about 60 to 80 hours a week as chairman of the board, as has Rufus Williams. They are both classy guys.

For those investigating the expense account, a question looms.  As they conducted business on behalf of the board, be it with  other business persons, union officials, admnistrators, political types, civic organizations and the like, where were they to take them to dine. Should it be the hot dog stand?  Or perhaps the pizza parlor?  Or Red Lobster or Al's Beef or the local greasy spoon.   

Get a life, this is the way business is conducted.  Serving on boards for free is insane in the first place.  You ask a person to serve for free, to maintain a billion dollar budget and you suggest a cheap lunch. Michael served on all of the boards with dignity and was free in his giving , stop picking on a dead man. 

The solution is simple  board positions should be paid and expense accounts should have ceilings. 

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