Reflections on Affirmative Action


King's book is available on Amazon.

Paul King has written a book reflecting on his career in the construction industry.   He was the proprietor of UBM.   His book, Reflections on Affirmative Action in Construction can be purchased from Amazon.  On Wednesday, January 27 from 4 to 6 at Roosevelt University he will lecture on the subject and host a book signing.   This is a lecture that all business people and students should attend.

King's book captures a wonderful history  of affirmative action as it existed.  He was an advocate and trailblazer for affirmative action legislation in this country.  His leadership expanded beyond the construction industry and extended into all phases of the black enterprise.

Paul's book captures the  history.  But what we should consider is affirmative action today.  What does the minority business person of today to secure a fair opportunity in the business community?  What do we do about affirmative action with a Black man in the White House? Do we still need afifrmative action, or has the business world become fair and post racial? 

It was under President Richard Nixon that the most aggressive Black capitalism program occurred under our federal government.  Nixon established programs to build black enterprise within the first six weeks of his presidency.  He fully understood the problem which was access to capital to fuel businesses and he did something about it. 

The discussion on January 27 is sure to raise questions of the past and discuss and describe the past, but most importantly the questins is where is affirmative action today and do we need it?

What do you think?

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