Jeans Day - Bonus or Penalty??


I think Dorothy Brown, Clerk of Cook County Circuit Court, is on to something.  She charges employees of her division a fee to wear jeans to work.  In 2009 she collected $59,000 in fees and had a party and sent money to charity.  If you are a Dorothy Brown employee you are charged $3 a day  for jeans or $10 a week for denim.  This could be a new trend in office wear or dress for success or butter up the boss.  It is unclear the reason for the charge for the clothes. Is it a  bonus or is it a penalty? 

Well, at any rate, I would like to extend this practice to other offices, private and public. After all this is extra money for the office and in these hard economic times everything counts.  So, if we are going to charge for clothes at the office I am proposing that we not limit it to jeans only. 

There should be a charge for shoes.  If you don't keep your street shoes on at work and change into something casually comfortable, you should pay $5.00 a day  If you wear a jacket other than a suit coat you should pay $6.00 a day.  And if you wear boots and leave them on during the day, you should be charged $7.00 a day.  If you come to work without your shirt and tie and decide to keep your jacket on you should pay $8.00 a day.  And just like jeans t-shirts should have a fee of $5.00 a day.  And hats in the office should go at the rate of $6.00 a day.  Earrings other than the office appropriate ones should bear a charge of $7.50 per day.  And if you wear a dress that is not a business dress, but a fancy dress  you should pay a fee of $10,00.   If you are running late for work and don't have time  to change clothes from the gym you should be charged $9.00 a day for wearing work out clothes.   And finally for the make up that is not office appropriate you should pay $15.00 a day.

And if Dorothy Brown wins the County Board Presidency, this is what county employees have to look forward to.  This is an easy,  no brainer   way to make extra money at the office, by charging employees a fee for the clothes they wear.

What do you think you should charge for office wear? 

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