How the FBI Killed Fred Hampton.


Attorney  Jeffrey Haas has written a book entitled,The Assassination of Fred Hampton.   Haas co founder of  the People's Law Office  has provided a detail account of the Panther murder.   It was a cold day on December 4, 1969 on the west side of Chicago when the FBI entered the home of Fred Hampton and shot him multiple times while he was sleeping.  It was a horrible crime and it was cold blooded murder. 

Haas will be on hand Thursday February 4 at 6:00 at Barbara's Bookstore, 12th and Halsted to discuss his new book on the   assination  of  Fred Hampton.  Bill Hampton, will be on hand (Fred's brother). 

  This is an important part of Chicago history, not to be forgotten.  A young activist was killed by police for contesting the power structure.  It reads like a Russian novel and for many it is a recall of a contemporary history.  It is still a piece of history that I find amazing.  How did they get away with it?  

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