Tiger Wood and Wife. jpg.jpgTiger Wood and Wife. jpg.jpgWhat would you do if your name was Elin Nordegren Woods?  In other words what would you do if  you were Mrs. Tiger Woods?  No woman wants to hear her husband  is a big cheat.  But to hear the mistress count going up like hot cakes daily,  is like give me a break.  What's a girl to do?  Besides beat your husband with his golf club and cry and call your Mom to help figure it out, what would you do?  What do you do, especially if you love the man when he cheats.  Besides cry a lot, get smart, I mean real smart.

Take the money, as much as you can.  Do just what she did  -  go home, to Sweden,  buy a nice house and be set with somewhere to go and raise your children. Try to restore the image of the family, play the part.  
And then, go find someone you want to be with and do it.  Perhaps, Mike Tyson, George Clooney, R. Kelly, Kwyane West,Prince, even  another golfer would do.  Maybe just maybe go find the Vegas bartender, the butler ,the car hop would do.  Let Tiger return from a golfing tournament and find you and Mr.X  nude in the pool.  
The point, don't just get mad, get even.  Play it back.  And make Tiger act like a little lamb.  There is probably nothing worse that finding your man with another woman in your bed.  But there is absolutely nothing worse than a man finding his wife with another man spending his hard earned money.  
She's a beautiful woman and should have no problem.  Because now  she is a beautiful rich woman.  Go have fun. But for real, what would you do?   

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  • I would tell him that he is not going anywhere but to take out the garbage and even then he is going to wear a tracker around his ankle. The rest of the time, he will sit in the living room where I would just look at him, so he could see what he did.

  • In reply to WisdomSeed:

    Good advise.

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