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Tiger Woods is an embarrassment to mankind and to brothers everywhere.   The count of women is up to 10.  He clearly had an insatiable sexual appetite.  Tiger is a punk and Tiger is a whore.  His sexual appetites were well known in the golf arena and now that all is public, he is the laughing stock. 

Some men are probably admiring the golf buck.  As a billion dollar athlete he was probably drunk with himself. The all American boy has fallen down, just goes to show you that all that shines is  not gold.  Can you imagine paying your wife $85 million to stay with you for five years, only to know that you are still probably going to go out to hunt.  What's love got to do with it?

So, I wonder what would happen,  if Michael Jordan, Tiger's buddy brought him to the Dating Game or the Godfather's on Chicago's South Side.  Would Tiger loose his mind?  All of Tiger's women were one type, while he liked many he didn't like variety.  Suppose Tiger had a moment with Halle Berry, or Sirita Williams or Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez. Would it be enough?  Is Tiger sexually addicted or did his medicine make him do it?    What's the treatment? 

With a Billion dollars in the bank, Tiger, can buy a lot of cocktails.  At any rate, maybe for Christmas  he will get a book   -   How To Be a Player.    Tiger should hang with Steve Harvey and  Barclay, they may be able to help him with his game.  Tiger is in the woods. 



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  • Please do not start calling Tiger Woods a brother.Tiger has always let the world know he is Asian and I am happy he is.Tiger has no interest in Black people and does not want to be Black,thank God.This Asian man has made a fool of himself, first he marries a foreign nanny and introduce her to a rich way of life,then he has affairs with low class white woman in the hospitality business, where they sleep with any Celebrity.I hope he had safe sex otherwise he could have an STD.Tiger Woods is no Black Man and no Black woman wants his cheating ass.

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