TIGER WOODS SWINGING.jpgTiger Woods has dominated the news long enough.   He has been hot copy for the month of December.   It is time for us to leave the man alone and celebrate Christmas. This is the last hot copy on the cheater. Tiger Woods is not the first man to cheat on his wife and neither will he be the last.  It is what it is.  Secretly many men would probably like to be  Tiger. The thing is not the cheating  but that he got caught.

If Tiger lost all endorsements and didn't play another game, his money in the bad economy earns him about $27 million in interest.  We should all be so defamed.  The Tiger Woods incidents shows the double standard of men and women.  The blonde dames are not being called tramps or gold diggers.  Many of them probably set Tiger up.  

TIGER W/WIFE.jpgTiger's wife will probably leave him or has already left. Tiger has retreated to his yacht  and hopefully will catch up to himself. Eventually he will turn his cell back on and catch up with his buddies.  The news will eventually die down.  
Tiger has made the golf industry his very own.  It bears his name. When companies bear full fledge advertising campaigns behind you, there is hope.  Tiger will return to the golf course, one day, and all he has do is win and the bad blood is behind him.  When a man gets caught he usually dusts himself off, puts on a new suit, returns to his job and life becomes normal again.  
And he has enough money for all concerned.  Merry Christmas.  Enough Tiger.    


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