Ralph Eliott's Murder Should Not Have Happened

The Elliotts are a beautiful couple. Dolores and Ralph were married for 54 years.  I have known them both all of my adult life.  Dolores is outstanding and has been a woman to have it all.   She is a stellar friend.   They were a loving fun couple, that you enjoyed being around.    They both were career State employees.  They both worked diligently for the improvement, empowerment and overall betterment of their community.  Their work efforts, their money, their volunteerism over the past half century  has been in the heart of the Black community.   The Elliotts have been doers. They have walked their talk.   They both have lasting friendships and relationships to show for it.  For so many, they have been the  go to couple. 

Dolores and I met at Operation Breadbasket. Dolores is a master organizer,  detailed oriented,  loyal  and one of the most efficient person's  you will ever meet.  Ralph has been her supporter, no matter what and she his. They have been partners in everything that they both have touched.  Their support for each other is unusual and always beautiful. Dolores ran what she called the Skills Banks for Rev. Jesse Jackson at Breadbasket and PUSH.  She had a center of people with administration, clerical, secretarial and  managerial skills  and they were dispatched on a as need bases.  These women worked in downtown offices, for governments, and  private businesses. They were experts in project management.  Ralph picked Dolores up and dropped her off as needed, as well as her crew.   He was the rounded perfect husband.

To receive the news on Christmas Day that Ralph had been killed was shocking, as it was for all who heard it.  Impossible you think.  I cried and cried, wondering what is happening in our community.  We are loosing it. 

Dolores managed the N'DIGO Gala held at Millenium Park.  It was a special special event, with a lot of new unique nuisances.   It was the tenth year of the Gala.   This year we honored Muhammad Ali and Michael Scott.The Obamas were gala chairs.  We honored Oscar Brown, Jr, who had just passed and did not live long enough to receive his award, personally.  Millenium Park was brand  new  venue.  We walked carefully as we tried new things.   Dolores and her skill bank paid  attention to every single detail and the event went without a flaw.  What made it special was Dolores. 

On Christmas eve Ralph was killed in a stupid, senseless murder.    He had just finished the decoration of the Christmas tree and was running his errands preparing for the Christmas Eve bash for family and friends at church.  Dolores was cooking and  called Pop Eye's to place the order for fried chicken. Ralph picked it up. As he approached his car on 47th Street a would be burglar approached him, as his hands were full, while he was placing his packages  in the car.  He was shot in the face and shoulder.  He died instantly.   The ex-con didn't get a chance to take anything.   People saw the incident at 4:00 in the afternoon.  The police move quickly.   

The killer has been identified.  He never should have been out of jail.  He has served time for murder and armed robbery and his record indicated 10 violent incidents in jail with the guards.  How did he get out of jail?  He killed a good guy.  He has robbed  a community of friends from the wealth of a man, named Ralph Elliott. 

This is not the way to spend a Christmas eve or Christmas day.  Dolores has called her husband a "gentle giant" and indeed he was.  We will miss him and all of us who knew and loved him will never forget his wonderful spirit, his support and his acts of kindness to all who came his way.   

Crime in this city is out of control.  The crime rate has reported to be going down, but it is up and living well on the South Side of Chicago.  No one, but no one, should die for doing the normal and natural things of life.


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  • I am so saddened to hear this. Delores is a very nice woman and I will be praying for her and her family

  • This is such a tragic story. I'm praying for the Elliott family.

  • Thanks for your kind words. I am certain as a law enforcement officer, you have seen much of this. The crime is that the man was on the street and he shouldn't have been.

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