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2010 Trends

Happy New Year.  2010 represents a brand new decade and I hope all of your wishes, and dreams come true.  What’s in store for the next 10  years.  Here are the top trends as I see it.1.  2010 is a census year.  The data will give us surprises and is subject to change our politics... Read more »

Chicago's Newest Theater - ICON

Chicago has a new beautiful theater, ICON in the South Loop.  The 16 screens opened over the holiday at 150 W. Roosevelt Road in the Roosevelt Collection Development.  The theatres are unique and a model for restoring the movie show.  This  luxury movie house provides just enough special qualities  that it makes you want to... Read more »

Ralph Eliott's Murder Should Not Have Happened

The Elliotts are a beautiful couple. Dolores and Ralph were married for 54 years.  I have known them both all of my adult life.  Dolores is outstanding and has been a woman to have it all.   She is a stellar friend.   They were a loving fun couple, that you enjoyed being around.   ... Read more »

The Best and Worse of 09

2009 will go down in history as the year of CHANGE. The year 2009 was historic in more ways than one.  Obama campaigned on change and 09 brought many changes.    It will be remembered as one of the toughest econmically and as the year President Barrack Obama made history by becoming President  and the... Read more »

Christmas Gifts That Win For Now and Forever

Perfect gifts for her So you are still looking for that special Christmas present.  Let me give you ideas that never fail, if money is  no object.  These luxury gifts will always make a lasting impression, bring happiness and put you in good standing with your loved one, if you can afford it.  These gifts... Read more »

Could Tiger Have Aids?

You wonder how people get aids.  You wonder how people could be so free flowing.  You wonder how people could be so irresponsible.  You wonder how much sex does it take.  You wonder how many partners?   With all of the discussion on The Woods Family, there is one thing all of the loving parties... Read more »


Tiger Woods has dominated the news long enough.   He has been hot copy for the month of December.   It is time for us to leave the man alone and celebrate Christmas. This is the last hot copy on the cheater. Tiger Woods is not the first man to cheat on his wife and... Read more »


What would you do if your name was Elin Nordegren Woods?  In other words what would you do if  you were Mrs. Tiger Woods?  No woman wants to hear her husband  is a big cheat.  But to hear the mistress count going up like hot cakes daily,  is like give me a break.  What’s a... Read more »


It is unfortunate that Tiger Woods has decided to take an indefinite leave of absence from his golf game. The negative publicity about his intimate life and transgressions  has taken its toll. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this incident. Tiger has disconnected himself in every way from Black life. He... Read more »


Tiger Woods is an embarrassment to mankind and to brothers everywhere.   The count of women is up to 10.  He clearly had an insatiable sexual appetite.  Tiger is a punk and Tiger is a whore.  His sexual appetites were well known in the golf arena and now that all is public, he is the... Read more »