Could Tiger Have Aids?

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You wonder how people get aids.  You wonder how people could be so free flowing.  You wonder how people could be so irresponsible.  You wonder how much sex does it take.  You wonder how many partners?   With all of the discussion on The Woods Family, there is one thing all of the loving parties should consider and that is HIV. All parties involved should rush to their local physician for testing. 

The ladies of the evening, all 14 of them and still counting, indicate that the golfer did not like safe sex.  So, if they all had just one more sex partner that's 28 people, plus the innocent wife, plus the Tiger himself, that's 30 different people on each other.  This is exactly how people become HIV positive.   This is beyond the cheating point.  This is sex can be dangerous.

Just think about it. 


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  • Holly whatever said he used a condom, according to the Naughty America interview on TMZ embedded in the Huffington Post.

    So, you aren't buying the triple hearsay?

    BTW, wasn't it Magic Johnson that talked about "the virus?"

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