Christmas Gifts That Win For Now and Forever

Perfect gifts for her

So you are still looking for that special Christmas present.  Let me give you ideas that never fail, if money is  no object.  These luxury gifts will always make a lasting impression, bring happiness and put you in good standing with your loved one, if you can afford it.  These gifts are especially for the woman in your life.  She could be your mother, wife, lover, daughter or  your wanna be.  The promise is that these are winner gifts.  They simply won't fail for now and will be forever. 

Here is a list of gifts that always work, no matter age, color or creed in good times and bad times. 

1.  Mink Coats.  Any fur item is at the top of the list.  If you can't afford the full coat come down to size  -  jacket, sweater, a purse  muffs or trimmed gloves. 

2.  Perfume.  A nice  large bottle of perfume is a winner,  given that  it is her favorite fragrance, or it could be your favorite scent.    If you can't buy the large bottle, scale it down to size.  Women love smelling good and a sophisticated woman is known by her scent. 

3.  High heel fashion shoes are a must for the fashion diva.  In vogue for this year are 6 inch heels.  Nothing like a sexy shoe, the higher the better.  So, who cares about walking.  It's the look that counts.  Make sure you get the size right

4.  Cashmere  always works and is a classic gift.  The colors are beautiful and a sweater keeps you warm and so do gloves and a robe is the ultimate luxury.Can you imagine on Christmas day receiving a bright red cashmere robe?  You will always be remembered.

5.  To match the robe, the sexy lingerie is a must.  Anything will do.

6.  If your significant other is a gadget lover, a KINDLE is a must  for avid readers with favorite books loaded.

7.  The absolute ultimate is a brand new car in the drive way or in front of the  house or casually parked in the garage, tied in a red bow of course, preferable a convertible.

8.  If you need to tone it down a bit, but still want to be impressive send flowers every month. Your love will be showcased all year long.

9.  An elegant expensive bottle of champagne is perfect.  Save it for a special memorable celebration

10.  And if you want to make an impression with a favorite, gift the gift of music, a special collection, that is, of  a favorite artist.

11.  A diamond is a girl's best friend and a consistent winner.  Make sure you mean it and don't get caught up in the season.  Make it for always.

12.  A purse is the ultimate accessory and a woman's bag must always match.  If you have it like that stuff the purse with green.  . . 

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