2010 Trends

Happy New Year.  2010 represents a brand new decade and I hope all of your wishes, and dreams come true.  What's in store for the next 10  years.  Here are the top trends as I see it.

1.  2010 is a census year.  The data will give us surprises and is subject to change our politics with a new count.

2.  The wave of the decade will be the digital space.  It is the technology of the 21st century that will bring about changes that we cannot imagine.  Some industries will die, some new ones will emerge.  It is a brand new space where innovation is king.

3.  A revolution occurs in the publishing world.  We will experience new formats for newspapers, magazines and books.  The printing press is in danger.   

4.  Education is the most serious problem in America. We will solve the problem of public education in this decade, to compete with the world.  Maybe children will start school at 3 years old and stay all day.

5.  War. The wars will end because we can't win or afford them.

6.  The economy will correct itself. New economies will emerge.

7.  The baby boomers will become the largest marketed demographics, after the 2010 census.  This aging population refuses to grow old, anti aging medicines will come forth to keep these people kicking it.

8.  We are close to a cure for many cancers.  We may  not find the cure, but we will find the cause.

9.  Politics will have a shake up.  A woman will go to the White House as President and Barrack's second term is questionable.

10.  America will have to find the terrorists of the world, because we are the target. 

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