What's wrong with Precious?


The movie, PRECIOUS,  is all but.  It is controversial in the Black community.  The story line is about an obese teenager who lives with an abusive mother and has two children by  her father.  The young lady has a host of problems and some way makes it.  She is at the very bottom of life. 

I know a lot of people who have seen the move and they are quite upset, because of the image  projected.  The movie paints a picture about Black family life.  It is horrific, we have no morals, we are violent with our children.  The images are horrible. A few women who saw it  have questioned what were Oprah and Tyler Perry thinking.

Black are still very concerned with how we look to the external world.  And PRECIOUS is disturbing  because it does not paint a pretty picture.  It's an ugly picture.    .

It is uncommon for girls to have children by their fathers.  It is  abnormal for girls  to have sex with their fathers.  This is sick, sick and sick.  The image makes  Blacks  out to be savage beast like.

What is challenging is that we (Blacks) are the sponsors of the image.  The executive producers are black, the actors are black and the director is black and so on.  Why do we do it to ourselves?  This movie, with all of its ugliness, will probably win an academy award because  so many are still comfortable with the Black sterotypes.  Black people are not warm to this move.  It is not inviting.  Do not take your children.  I have never known a person to  have sex or a child with dear old dad.   Precious is a dark movie.

I want to see the black movie without the drop dead drama.   I am waiting for the movie where Black people are romantic,  normal, live successfully, no dope addicts, no horror, no drunks, no murders and most  of all they win.  It's about winning.  I wonder if such a film will ever be made.

Precious is  not a holiday  movie. It kill's your cheer.  What did you think of the movie?

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  • I don't deny the statistics. I said it was "abnormal for girls to have sex with their fathers." I didn't say it didn't happen, the statistics bear out that it occurs, but indeed it is ABNORMAL.

    You wrote a nice review.

  • If Precious had children by her father, why were they so far complexed while she is extremely dark??????

  • In reply to BlackSidePress:

    Because that's the way God made them, I suppose.

  • In reply to BlackSidePress:

    Because that's the way God made them, I suppose

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