20 Years of N'Digo

N'Digo celebrates its 20th anniversary of publishing this month. We changed the landscape of Chicago media.
We needed new news.

We started as a monthly, grew to a bimonthly, and in May of 1997, the
publication became a weekly.  I gathered friends who were
photographers, graphic artists, writers and other media types to
discuss the idea of a new publication and requested their input. I
provided a vision. We needed to author our story, history and
contemporariness as it was happening. We needed to tell the stories
that had been untold, mistold and needed to be retold.

I asked my friends to join
me in writing about politics, fashion, art and education as we profiled
our people and redefined ourselves.

They all agreed, and N'Digo was
born. To date, we have published 768 issues and reached more than 122 million readers. We have brought news to Chicago as we initially intended and have simultaneously made and watched history. 

And each
week, I am still excited to publish the next issue.

I have witnessed revolutions and evolutions in the newspaper industry.
I have been smart and stupid, bold and leery.  We have surprised,
raised questions and offered solutions. We have never missed our mark
on a story. We have discovered and we have been avant-garde.  Some
industry changes have been welcomed and some not. We now live in a
changing environment where innovation and flexibility is key to

My life has changed as a publisher, and I hope I have lived up to the many challenges that have come my way.

N'Digo is the voice of the urbane.



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