TV Without Oprah - Can You Imagine?

Oprah on Michigan Avenue

Can you imagine the TV landscape without Oprah?  Can you imagine your life without Oprah?

After 25 years I can imagine she is tired of a daily show.  The tabloids, the gossip, the public figure.  But she has become America's angel.  She is the best interviewer on TV.  We wait for her. What does this mean for Talk TV?
I was so glad when her show started to come on at 11:00 p.m. so that I could view her   at late night.   She is the best.  She has changed the face of TV.  She changed the face of celebrity.  We have watched her change over the years.  And damn it we will miss her when she's gone.  Twenty five years is not long enough.

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  • Oprah will definitely be missed, but change is good. I really didn't watch her show after the early years anyway. The show's demographic has become more of a middle aged white woman camping ground. And, being a man of African decent, it stopped being relevant for me years ago when Chicago was more of a focal point. I wish her much blessings with all she does. But, I won't miss her show.

  • In reply to smjohnson:

    You are such a cynic. she will be missed. She crossed the colorline and has made us all better. She has been impactful

  • In reply to smjohnson:

    I'm shocked that a man watched Oprah and admitted not only in public but on in writing on a blog!! OMG!! ROTFLOL!!

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