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What happened with the Tiger Woods accident?  The breaking news  reports sounded like he was in critical condition resulting from a terrible auto accident.  As the news wore, it sounded like Tiger had one too many.  But not so. Where was he going?  Where was he coming from in the wee small hours?  Did he hit the fire plug or did he hit the tree?  No it sounds like it was the scorn of the wife.  The golf club one two.  In your face no less.  And in the back window of the car, as you try to get away. 

 Poor Tiger what's a guy to do when the wife comes after you with your very own golf club.  You should do just what Tiger did, try to escape and hit the tree or the fire plug.  Try to duck but by all means   get out of the way.  A golf club can be a dangerous thing in your wife's hand.  TIGER DO YOU REALLY NEED 7 WOMEN?    

Glad he  is just fine.  Sounds like a personal matter. A domestic spat.  Christmas is coming and  all is well. 

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