Crashing The President's Party

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The Virginia couple showed America how to crash a party

The Virginia couple, Michaele and Tareq Slahi crashed the President's State Dinner Party.  This has made international news and probably taken the couple to the next level, where ever that is.  They looked and acted the part.  The were dressed appropriately, friendly and ready for party time. They worked the room just like the other guest  -  taking pictures with the President, the Vice President, the guest of honor and a host of other VIPS.

While a breech of security was broken, their antics can be appreciated in this holiday time.  So, if you want to crash a party take note.  Act like you belong.  Mingle with the guests. Be friendly.   Dress nicely, just ike you got the invite.   Go straight to the host and guest of honors.  Take pictures.  Shake hands.   But here's what not to do.  DON'T STAY FOR DINNER.  KEEP IT MOVING.  With this action you stay under the radar.

The Salahi couple is obviously on a mission, looking for a reality show or fame and fortune and they just might make it.  They broke no laws, they just went to the set. They were upbeat and positive.

Now then, I wonder what would have happened had the white couple been Black or Spanish or Arab.  I wonder if they woudl have missed jail.  If you don't believe me, just try it. 


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  • 2 typos in one post? I hate to say it, but don't you have an editor? "Dress nicely, just ike you got the invite..." and "I wonder if they woudl have missed jail..."

  • In reply to drewkent23:

    You are ever so right. OOOPPPs and sorry. So noted. Thanks for the catch.

  • In reply to drewkent23:

    Here's a trick I use. Type everything in Word. Use the spell check, spell check on more time because the phone just rang or you have to use the ladies room, then copy & paste. This way, you'll have an instant editor on call! LOL!

  • In reply to drewkent23:

    If you want the role, dress for the part . . . and they did.

    However, she's a serious attention-getter and doesn't stop. At this point, she should be flogged with some giant, organic carrots to prevent this from happening again. People need to learn to take the White House seriously and to take this president seriously. I say some jail time and some boring gruel and the word will leak out that the president's men are deadly serious about gate crashers.

    Occasionally, you have to burst their bubble so they can hear the music of reality . . .

  • In reply to drewkent23:

    Here's another blog to add your opinions to!

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