2009 Christmas Wishes

  Every year this time we play Santa.  So, If  I had my way this year these notable would find the following gifts under their Christmas tree in 09.

Mayor Daley.jpg

1.  Mayor Richard Daley         Every parking ticket available

2.  Wendy Williams                 a make over

3.  Oprah Winfrey                  a N'DIGO cover

4.  Whitney Houston              a hit

5. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Z            a bouncing litle one

6.  Ellen DeGeneres             stepping lessons with Herb Kent

7.  Sammy Sosa                  Black face

8.  Jennifer Hudson            a wedding gown

9.  STedman Graham         a wife

10.  Michelle Obama         a portfolio of Black designers     

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Beyonce .jpg
Ellen DeGeneresT.jpg
Jennifer Hudson.jpg


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  • Yes, please leave ALL parking tickets to Daley. If not, why can't we just give his address to every company that has junk mail to send out.

    Are you serious about a makeover for Wendy Williams??? ROTFLOL!! You can take the girl out of the short & tight, but . . .

    You'd better hurry if you're going to catch Oprah for the cover of your magazine. Now that she's made her announcement, she on a tight schedule. What about putting an Oprah mask on Gayle since she seems to have more time.

    Whitney did have a hit. She made it back from Hell, like Indiana Jones on a crusade. That's a hit to me. She's ALIVE!! LOL!

    I don't seriously see Beyonce bouncing any babies on her knees unless there's a stage mother nearby to take it back for food or a nap. And JayZ . . . you have got to be kidding. He's a Sagittarius and the one thing they treasure more than money but just barely, their freedom!! I can't see JayZ with a rugrat anywhere, any time soon. Of course, he could train it to do scut work, like clean the microphones, fetch the paper, etc.

    OMG! Ellen & Herb Kent! You've hit one I've love to see!! 60 minutes of Herb trying to teach Ellen how to step. Too funny!

    You mean Sammy Sosa in brown face. When did brown become black? Besides, he's crossed over to the Dark Side and he'll become whatever the Devil wants him to be.

    Yes, I can see Jen in a very nice, Vera Wang or something very elegant when she renews her vows.

    You are correct, oh Great One on a wife for Steddy. He needs one now that Oprah's kicked him to the curb and he's back at his own company, working hard.

    Never mind the black designers, she needs two or three stylists and QUICK!! How many times can she wear her belts high waisted? Apparently, Obama didn't know how to "clue" her into this new political lifestyle. She needs to make these adjustments, fast & smooth. Remember, they're both learning on the job . . . didn't we all at one time or another???

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