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What's wrong with Precious?

The movie, PRECIOUS,  is all but.  It is controversial in the Black community.  The story line is about an obese teenager who lives with an abusive mother and has two children by  her father.  The young lady has a host of problems and some way makes it.  She is at the very bottom of life. ... Read more »

2009 Christmas Wishes

  Every year this time we play Santa.  So, If  I had my way this year these notable would find the following gifts under their Christmas tree in 09. 1.  Mayor Richard Daley         Every parking ticket available 2.  Wendy Williams                 a make over 3.  Oprah Winfrey                  a... Read more »


What happened with the Tiger Woods accident?  The breaking news  reports sounded like he was in critical condition resulting from a terrible auto accident.  As the news wore, it sounded like Tiger had one too many.  But not so. Where was he going?  Where was he coming from in the wee small hours?  Did he... Read more »

Crashing The President's Party

The Virginia couple showed America how to crash a party The Virginia couple, Michaele and Tareq Slahi crashed the President’s State Dinner Party.  This has made international news and probably taken the couple to the next level, where ever that is.  They looked and acted the part.  The were dressed appropriately, friendly and ready for... Read more »


N’Digo celebrates its 20th anniversary of publishing this month. We changed the landscape of Chicago media. We needed new news. We started as a monthly, grew to a bimonthly, and in May of 1997, the publication became a weekly.  I gathered friends who were photographers, graphic artists, writers and other media types to discuss the... Read more »

Michael Scott's Mystery

Michael Scott was a political operative wonder.  The ultimate dealmaker. He was well liked, connected and committed.  He was a prince of a guy and considered the go to guy.  He empowered and mentored people  and brought win-win type  resolve to issues and situations.  He worked all levels, form the brother on the the corner... Read more »

TV Without Oprah - Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine the TV landscape without Oprah?  Can you imagine your life without Oprah? After 25 years I can imagine she is tired of a daily show.  The tabloids, the gossip, the public figure.  But she has become America’s angel.  She is the best interviewer on TV.  We wait for her. What does this... Read more »