Blood Feud - 10 Reasons You Should Read about Back Room Politics on The Obamas and The Clintons.

  Ed Klein has written yet another bestseller, following on the heels of The Amateur, his 2012 chronicle of President Barack Obama. His latest, Blood Feud, about two First Families – The Clintons and The Obamas – provides hot copy. His book has created quite a stir as some have challenged Klein’s accuracy regarding what... Read more »

Roger's Review - Life Itself or 10 Reasons you Should See Roger's Movie.

Sunday evening I watched Life Itself alone at home in the comfort of my family room.  I wanted to go to the show but didn’t feel like driving, so I found a movie I wanted to see on Comcast.  Life Itself chronicles the life of the late, world famous movie critic, our own Roger Ebert. ... Read more »

Why The Obama Library Should Be At Chicago State But Will Probably Go To The University Of Chicago

The first step of the Barack Obama Presidential Library sweepstakes is complete. Monday, June 16, was the deadline for all interested parties who want to host the library to submit initial bids as to where they would put it, how it would serve as an economic engine in the suggested location, and how local organizations... Read more »

Trump Putting a Sign On It.

So  now, who builds one of the tallest buildings in the city and not put his name on it?  Or who spends $600 million on a building that is a new landmark and not put their signature on it?  What is all of the hoopla about TRUMP putting  up his gigantic sign, measuring 20 feet... Read more »

Run, Hillary, Run

Surely Mrs. Hillary Clinton is getting ready to make history in the 2016 presidential run. Her book, Hard Choices, make no mistake has kicked off the campaign. She defines herself, she talks about the tough choices she has made as a politician, when Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. She knows what it is... Read more »

The Blackmocrats

During the past primary election in March, I provided professional outreach services to Republican governor candidate Bruce Rauner to meet and have dialogue with various sections of the Black community. My advocacy was controversial. Chicago Sun-Times writer Michael Sneed called and asked if it were true. Sun-Times “columnist” (a term I use loosely) Neil Steinberg... Read more »

Phenomenally, Maya Angelou was Every Woman

Maya Angelou was a world-class lady whose life might have been the inspiration for Chaka Kahn’s song I’m Every Woman. Maya was every woman – that is, every Black woman living in her era, from 1928-2014. She lived a rich life, but a life that was not always charming. She knew the good, the bad,... Read more »

The Cry of Jet Magazine

As of next week, there will be no more Jet Magazine, that pint-sized publication that’s been a weekly best friend to the Black community since 1951. For there to no longer be a Jet is a watershed moment in contemporary African-American history.  There’s always been a Jet; for all African-Americans except senior citizens, there’s never... Read more »

Barbara Walters!

Barbara Walters retired from being on the air last Friday after an amazing, pioneering career of over 50 years in the media.  She was the first woman to assume the anchor seat for a national network evening news broadcast when she teamed with Harry Reasoner on ABC Evening News in 1976.  Harry was uncomfortable sitting... Read more »

“The Motown Musical” - The Story of Berry Gordy and His Music

By Hermene Hartman “Motown The Musical” is a grand old school musical telling the first hand story of a man who became a legend.  The timeless music he helped create  became legendary.   There are two stories folded into one in this Motown Story –A man and his music and a man and his company. There... Read more »