Kardashian = Narcissism (look it up) or How Mom made money off of Kimmi sucking dickie

The sad part about that title really does not lye within the Kardashian families warped morals, but upon the very weak public morals. I admit I have missed the whole Kardashian thing but did recently watch 3- 4 minutes of the video (all i could stand) and if that video sends a no name, no talent,... Read more »

Hi, I'm Herman Cain and your NOT!

Hi, I’m Herman Cain, and your not !   “I have done nothing wrong – EVER- and those weak woman that are trying to put me down [will never see the other side of a defamation of character lawsuit]”.   Poor Mr. Picked on Cain, did he really have no idea his past transgressions would... Read more »

Tragic Actions of a true Narcissist, or How to buy your way out of prison

                                         Full speed ahead and let the reckage fall where it may as long as It doesn’t fall on me, that’s “ME” ! That seems to be motis operendi of Ryan LeVin, the little rich kid who bought his way out of trouble again. LeVin is the brat in the spotlight last week who  offered financial compensation to the families of the... Read more »

The narcissist in Blagojevich keeps his mouth running : or, Is Blago elibible for the Illinois Governors Club Fed discount rate?

Quick follow up on the EX Governors trial.                                                             Well the jury is still listening to Blago spout forth nonsense but this time it’s in the realm of cross examination. The jury unfortunately had to withstand 5 days of Blago speak, giving “hyper-detailed explanations” of his life as only he knows it. Now he must... Read more »

Blagojevich taking the stand, or, Who's picture is next to Narcissist in the dictionary

                                   Blago and narcissism, who would have guessed. This blog should be so easy to write yet at times I am laughing too hard or just flabbergasted at reports of his trial, to get it all down. Apparently when he took the stand he spent the entire morning informing the jurors, judge and rest of... Read more »

Kareem Abdul Jabbar's Public Outcry for a Statue of Himself - Is this narcissistic, pathetic or understandable?

Is Kareem Abdul Jabbar a narcissist? The recent flap about the lack of a KAJ statue outside the {Laker} Center was raised by the towering ex baller himself. On the one hand the thought that first comes to mind is, the nerve of some guy to demand a statue of himself be made and placed... Read more »

The Age of Entitlement

The Age of Entitlement
Is this Age of Entitlement we live in something to laugh at or something to pause and question? I believe it is something we must look at closely if we want to ensure our survival as a species. It is one thing to over-indulge ourselves in luxury and extravagance as long as we keep things... Read more »

Why Narcissism is On the Rise

Our world is changing.  Technology is increasing methods of communication, yet at the same time decreasing human connectedness.  People communicate with one another “virtually” more than face to face.   In such a fast-paced world that is absorbed in technology and consumed with consuming, how available are we to form connections with others that foster empathy... Read more »