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Giving yourself Permission to make YOU a Priority

I have been “quiet” for a long time, too long. I can list numerous reasons why, such as a new practice I joined, my father-in-law passed away, taking care of family health needs, blah, blah, blah. While these are substantial reasons why, they are also excuses for not writing. Over the last year when I... Read more »

May is Mental Health Month: Help Stop the Stigma, you may Save a Life

Everyone feels strongly about some cause. There are many ways to show one’s support such as donating money, advocating, blogging, and/or educating their friends and family. May is Mental Health Month and I will do anything I can to ERADICATE THE STIGMA OF MENTAL ILLNESS by promoting mental health awareness. I understand why so many disorders... Read more »

If the stress of life gives you lots of lemons, you can make lemonade with help

Everyone at some point in their life will feel overwhelmed by life’s stresses. Whether it be health, financial, or relationship difficulties these can cause both physical and mental harm if not addressed. This is especially true if these stressors keep adding on. Imagine that you have a box that you use to house all your life’s... Read more »

Cancer is a part of me forever, even though I am cancer-free now

Cancer–a diagnosis that no one ever wants to hear from a doctor. I was diagnosed with left renal cell carcinoma (RCC) January, 2008, I had kidney cancer. My cancer was found only because my doctor had ordered a CT scan due to right-sided abdominal pain. Yes, my cancer was an incidental find which is typical for... Read more »

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can affect anyone, even me

October 31st is not Halloween to me anymore. No, I am not against Halloween. I still pass out candy to the kids who dress up and ring my doorbell. In fact, I love seeing the children in the neighborhood wearing their costumes excited to see what treat I have for them. You see, on October... Read more »

Stop the Stigma: Mental Illness is no Different from Physical Illness

Mental illness…just the thought of it seems to send chills down peoples’ spine because of the stigma associated with it. I have one question, why? People do not have the same reaction when they hear the term diabetes, obesity, stroke…I can go on. Diabetes and depression have a lot in common…after all both are due... Read more »

Why I refuse to make New Year's resolutions

Welcome to the year 2015. Every new year many people come up with their New Year’s resolution(s) promising themselves that they will do some self improvement and/or something nice for mankind. I despise New Year’s resolutions and I refuse to make any and I hope you will join my no resolution bandwagon. Do not get... Read more »

October 31st haunts me because of memories, not Halloween

October 31st, Halloween–a favorite holiday for not only children but for many adults too. I used to love Halloween, even when it was cold or raining (okay, maybe only liked a little on those days). I remember taking my own children around trick or treating hoping that they would get lots of Kit Kat candy... Read more »

Mental Health Month-Your Mental Health Affects your Overall Health

Mental Health America is a nationwide community based organization which has promoted mental health since 1909. Mental Health America and its affiliates have observed the month of May as being mental health awareness month for 65 years. This year’s theme is “Mind Your Health” which correlates the importance of one’s mental health to one’s overall health. I... Read more »

5 comments never to say to someone who's grieving

The phone rang. I had been home from the hospital a few hours and already people were calling. Hmm, did the surgeons insert a tracking device into me? I was finally home from the hospital after spending 4 days recovering and grieving from my surgery–I had part of my kidney removed due to kidney cancer. I... Read more »
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