Why I would never want a magic wand to get through the tough times

Wouldn't it be nice if the Staples® Easy Button actually made things easy once pressed? Taking this concept a step forward, if the “Easy Button" was possible then imagine if the infamous "magic wand" existed and once waved all wishes came true. Fantasizing these two things is fine, believing they have these supernatural powers is, well, outlandish.

magic wandWhile life would be so much easier if these two things actually did exist, I am glad they do not. I know that comes to a surprise to many of you, especially with everything I have experienced.  I have had kidney cancer, have chronic medical conditions that continues to affect my quality of life, I developed post traumatic stress disorder from my son’s health crisis...I could go on but I think you get my point. Yes, waving a wand to take away all these things would have been wonderful, however, what I took away from these life experiences were life changing to me in a positive way.

The truth is that I have learned so much from these hardships. Before these events the word "tomorrow" was used more often than the word "today". When I talked to or saw any of my family members and if I forgot to say "I love you" at the end of our visit, I thought that I would just tell them tomorrow. I do not do that anymore. I make sure they know I love them each and every time I talk to them.

Two years ago I started to write a letter to my sons on their birthday. This letter expresses how much I love them, how they make me proud, and some advice I have for them that I have learned throughout my life. I believe it is important to tell those that you love how they make a difference in your life. I mail this letter to them so that they have something tangible that they could always refer to if they ever feel the need to be with me, even when I am no longer here. While I am not planning on leaving this world any time soon, life sometimes has a different plan.

being strong quote

I learned that I am a strong woman. I refuse to let these tough times overshadow all the good in my life. Do I sometimes go through "woe is me" days--of course, I am human. But I also work hard on reminding myself that I am strong and can make it through anything because I have made it through so much and still have my family, my friends, my sense of humor, my life.

I do not want that magic wand or easy button. I hope that you can look at your life and find the strength from all your experiences whether they are good or difficult. However, if you do choose to buy one if it ever becomes available, can I maybe borrow it just once?

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