Screw the Bucket List---I am Writing a F**k It List

Creating a bucket list sounds like a great idea; unfortunately, we tend to begin writing it only when we realize we are not going to live forever.  I started my list when I was 46 years old.  While I have checked a few things off of it, my list will never be realized not only because I keep adding more and more items to it; but because I am physically unable to accomplish some of my goals.

I looked at my list the other day and I started getting heart palpitations---so many things to do, so little time.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack which, I can tell you, was definitely not on my list.  Isn't the list supposed to make us feel better; after all it is meant to help us achieve the things we deem important before we die.  Instead, all I saw were the numerous things I will never be able to do.  For instance, I always wanted to experience the endorphin rush everyone talks about from exercising hard. I have tried many times but my body has other ideas.  Wearing a morphine patch while walking around the block to get my endorphin high is wrong on so many levels, right?

I decided I could not take the stress of my bucket list anymore.  I took my list of angst to the garbage and as I was crunching the paper into a ball it hit me.  I don’t need a bucket list; what I really need is a f**k it list. bucket-fk it list
Here are some entries on my new list:

  • I will exercise, but I refuse to kill myself by having unrealistic goals
  • I will eat healthy, but if I feel like eating poorly one day, I will not beat myself up
  • I will continue to help others, but I will not sacrifice my own needs
  • I am happy to give my profession 110%, but I will not allow my profession to take 110% from me

I would love to share more with you but alas I am tired so f**k it!

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    Best post yet!!! Love it! I'm not stressing about a bucket list. I stress too much anyway. This would send me overboard. I'm just enjoying new experiences one at a time. Potato Pancakes were today. (I'm totally giving my dad hell after tonight since I am HALF Jewish...why these weren't a staple in my diet are beyond me...but my Grandma didn't cook so that's part if it).

  • In reply to Tiffany Snyder:

    Thank you so much Tiffany. Try my potato could use flour instead of the potato starch although you cannot tell the difference.

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