Delicious Gluten-Free Almond Thumbprint Cookie Filled with Raspberry Jelly--Passover Friendly

When I became gluten-free over 3 years ago, I was worried if I would be able to enjoy desserts again. I am not a huge dessert eater unless, of course, there is chocolate involved. When I do indulge, I want it to be delicious. I have shared some favorite dessert recipes of mine that are... Read more »

President Donald Trump? Be careful what you wish for

I do not consider myself a Democrat or Republican—I vote for the candidate I feel is closest to how I believe government should run. I know there is no perfect candidate, I also understand that I cannot have everything I want. Sure, I would love to see our government pass everything that is important to... Read more »

Berry Tiramisu Recipe

I love to spend time with my friends, I also love to cook. What I am about to tell you may seem crazy to some but not to me. I receive so such joy by sharing my love of food and cooking with those that I love. Do not get me wrong, I still enjoy... Read more »

Stop the Stigma: Mental Illness is no Different from Physical Illness

Mental illness…just the thought of it seems to send chills down peoples’ spine because of the stigma associated with it. I have one question, why? People do not have the same reaction when they hear the term diabetes, obesity, stroke…I can go on. Diabetes and depression have a lot in common…after all both are due... Read more »

Peppers Stuffed with Italian Sausage and Risotto Recipe

Shhh, I have a secret, I am having an affair with good food. I tried to ignore those feelings of passion when thinking of a good meal but to no avail. There is something sensual about food…the aroma, the taste, the utter satisfaction and contentment after savoring each bite. Ahhh, I just got the chills.... Read more »

Why I would never want a magic wand to get through the tough times

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Staples® Easy Button actually made things easy once pressed? Taking this concept a step forward, if the “Easy Button” was possible then imagine if the infamous “magic wand” existed and once waved all wishes came true. Fantasizing these two things is fine, believing they have these supernatural powers is, well,... Read more »

Erma Bombeck and my favorite quotes

It’s blogapalooza! What does that mean, you ask? Once a month, ChicagoNow bloggers have one hour to create a post and all must publish at the same time. The topic this month is to write about a favorite quote and why it resonates with me…well here I go! Growing up, I loved Erma Bombeck. Even... Read more »

Having Empathy--Is it a Blessing or a Curse

The other night I sat down and thought over the difficult day I had at work. I am a nurse practitioner in an internal medicine office. That day, I only saw a handful of patients, each one with a problem that I could not fix with a pat on the back, a word of encouragement,... Read more »

My Love Affair with the Chicago Cubs

Yes, I love the Chicago Cubs…have loved them since the age of 8. My love affair has had its ups and downs…mainly downs, but my love for them has never waned. While there have been times, actually too many to count, where I have been disappointed by their actions, I always knew that one day... Read more »

Has anyone seen where I put my sleep?

It’s blogapalooza! What does that mean, you ask? Once a month, ChicagoNow bloggers have one hour to create a post and all must publish at the same time. The topic this month is to write about sleep and its impact on my life…well here I go! I used to love to sleep. Before I had... Read more »
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    I am a nurse practitioner who not only treats patients, but has had chronic illnesses including cancer so I understand how frustrating medicine can be. But through all this, I have never lost my sense of humor and my ability to make people laugh. I love to cook, and since becoming gluten-free a year ago, I have recipes for everyone's tastes whether it be healthy, decadent, vegetarian, or gluten-free. My philosophy is all about health, food, laughter and life!

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