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Rooftop Yoga Helps Chicagoans Stay Fit

Each Wednesday morning, several Chicagoans gather on the roof of the Hotel Lincoln to participate in a relaxing one-hour yoga session taught by Equinox yoga instructors. The class begins at seven in the morning, and all individuals need to bring is their own mat. They then spend the next hour in moves called Sun Salutation... Read more »

Yoga is key for calm

Yoga poses offer increased circulation, body awareness and can help reduce the stress and anxiety of the holiday season or a stressful day at the office.  To ensure your “om” or “chi” life force, try these simple yoga moves at the beginning or end of the day. 1. Cat – Cow.  Start on hands and... Read more »

Yoga on the edge of the earth at the Bitter End

You will be amazed at the beauty
Recently, I stayed at the Bitter End Yacht Club to unwind, rejuvenate and breathe in the barefoot luxury it has to offer in the British Virgin Islands.  From exotic fresh fruits and juices to the home made breads and salad bar each day, it was easy to make good choices to continue my “Naked Nutrition”... Read more »