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Water isn't the only thing you need during your workouts

Most people are told to drink water, water and more water during and after their workout to refuel. But there comes a point when you realize water isn’t enough, not to mention BORING! When you workout, your body loses more than just water, and those nutrients need to be replaced too. But, how do you... Read more »

5 ways to stay motivated about your resolution

Wondering how to stick to this year’s New Year’s resolution?  It doesn’t matter if it’s weight loss or getting healthier, to stick to any change you need to take baby steps.  Try these 5 steps to stay motivated so you can make the changes you need. S – Set a schedule – just as you would... Read more »

Are you drinking enough water? Hydration 101

Water 101 The amount of water you need for good health varies. It depends on your age, height, weight, food consumption and  partly on your activity level. On average, you should drink a minimum of eight to ten cups of water every day if you’re not active. If you’re  exercising, you may need more to... Read more »