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Get Fit on the Beach with ZOOMA Chicago

Now that it is finally the summer, you and your friends may be looking for ways to take advantage of the beautiful weather while exercising. With no more snow on the ground and the sun shining brightly, you probably want to get outside and do something physical! Chicago offers so many great places to go... Read more »

Chicago fourth city for Marathon Thirteen.one

Spring running season is off and well… running!  that said there are so many great events springing up around Chicago to step into including the Marathon Thirteen.One.  It’s third year in Chicago the Karhu 5K and Marathon 13.1 kicks off on June 4th, 2011. Registration is now open and will sell out quickly.  There will... Read more »

Can fast food help you run faster? Meet Chicago McRunner

Can fast food help you run faster?  Meet Chicago McRunner
Although many fear that fast food chains are making Americans fat, having balance and common sense can prevail.  That said, Joe D’Amico decided to eat only McDonald’s for 30 days straight prior to his LA marathon and see just how well he could perform. He completed the race (his fifteenth marathon) in Los Angeles on... Read more »

Shamrock shuffle kicks off the running season in Chicago free stuff with NBC

This Friday and Saturday runners will gather in Chicago to pick up Shamrock Shuffle Race packets, numbers, chips, and meet other runners and the latest running gear. Some 40,000 runners will  gather for the race and you don’t have to run to enjoy in the fun. Stop by The Health & Fitness Expo features which... Read more »